Simplicity over Complexity

You, designphilosophy

I like to update my website every 1-2 years just to bring a new perspective and a new look to it. For the latest iteration I hired a designer to help me come with fresh ideas. The design was really cool but I've never could get my wrap around since I really like minimalism over any other aspect and the design feeled to me kinda convoluted. Minimalism brings me peace, armony and a sense of good organization and those are values that I want to share to other people.

When @leerob publish this starter kit made with Next.js and Nextra I fall in love immediately since not only was made with great technologies but also with a simple approach in design terms. So that's it even that I knew that could be widely used I'll probably end up with a similar design to this one.

Thanks Vercel 🖤

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