Deno on VSCode

You, denotoolingvscode

Having a good DX nowadays is crucial for coding, extensions have allowed us to develop faster and without worrying about things like formatting or method names.

Deno is a new-ish runtime that fixes many problems that Node has, I recommend you to have a look at the official presentation by Ryan Dahl.

Let's setup our Visual Studio Code to support Deno follow the next steps:

  1. (Optionally) install Deno with homebrew using homebrew install deno

  2. Install Deno extension for Visual Studio Code

  3. Let's find out where our Deno bin path is located running brew info deno

  4. Set Deno path on our VSCode settings: "deno.path": "/opt/homebrew/Cellar/deno/1.9.2/bin/deno"

  5. Enable Deno extension with "deno.enable": true, but be careful the extension will disable the built-in VSCode JavaScript and TypeScript language services, and will use the Deno Language Server (deno lsp) instead.

That's it enjoy coding in this amazing runtime!

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